Emailed students. Busy day so far

with taking kids to one of their grandmother’s. Emailing, following up on leads.  Will make some calls in a minute.

Sales Engineer coming over in a bit to pick up some wine.  New wine, or not new but hadn’t tasted in a while, last night.  And had the replacement for the Pinot. Much better last night.  Not even better, it was alive and singing, new beat to her teach.

Interrupted by a call, nice guy very successful in commercial construction.  Was happy to get his call, telling me he just bought some property in Idaho.  The conversation springing images and vocals, thoughts to put into this corpus.  After that call I had to contact My Sales Coordinator about something, answering a question I had regarding a change to someone’s account.  THEN, call a student and explain the functioning of the blog to them.  This semester is going to be taxing, if I allow.  If I don’t follow-up obsessively.  If I don’t note everything.  But I will, and with the 365 projects everything is in a line, like books on a shelf, characters in a cast written on a program to orient audience.

11:06, and with 28% battery.  Sales engineer should be here for his wine in a small reach past 30 minutes.  House clean, cleaning crew leaving and me with a clean office has me meditating in the symbol and paradigmatic act.  All “#ThursdayThoughts”, decisions in love. Enjoy your day.  Write it some way… all ways, I tell myself.  Right here on this couch and back at that petite desk when in AE mode.

After taking to my construction/landlord friend, Marco (again, so delighted he called, in response to an email I sent about a week ago, he didn’t have to but he did…), seeing my writing house.  Buying property in Oregon.  On the coast like another AE.  Travel…. My apartment in Paris.  Or just residence in a hotel room.

Thinking about everything, and of course I have Tycho playing from the little desk, by the Sonic laptop. Cleaning my attitude, demeanor and ambitions…

Mind everywhere, but that’s me.. that’s my Now, and that’s what I know.  Much of Bottledaux’s thesis both in business and essential identity is safety in self.  Who you are.. if you’re singular in idea harvesting, one by one, then well done.  If you’re like me, and a bit frenzied but still with set sight, then that should absolutely be celebrated.

Again bouncing back and forth like a bird surveying each branch or each tree from each angle.  Made a call, have a new conversation started.

Went outside, as it smelled like smoke in the house a bit, like that ashtray plume that’s not obstructing but apparent.  Sure enough, you can smell the smoke, see it, and the air is of that character that we on SoCo anymore and always detest.

Engineer on way over.  Will get lunch after, no workout today.  I know, I know….  No excuse.  Tomorrow morning, avowed. And if not in morning then right after the schedule Friday cold-calling, that is not at all cold with me.