aux jots

Now the skirmishing starts.  I’m more awake, but more annoyed with how Jack pokes at and provokes his little sister.  She talks shit back to her and I laugh a little, they hear which doesn’t help.

Jack is funny to the level of where I can’t be around him or I’ll be a cocoon of uncontrollable laughter.

Have to shave.  Since covid started, I’ve felt older.  Running, and lifting weights, being a dad, everything.  Especially when I don’t shave for a few days, and I fucking hate it.

7:52 – So much grading, already.  Will grade fast, and generously.  Unless a student really shows a contempt for the class or me, or another student, they’re going to pass.  And getting an ‘A’ has never been more possible.  Not that it was ever hard before.

This is definitely my last semester teaching.  It’s not teaching in the covid world.  If I could be in the class, in front of groups, speaking, I might still do the adjunct thing.  But I don’t want to keep “teaching” like this.

Jack again taunts his sister, and I laugh but keep it internal.  Coffee effects declining, as is my interest in the day.  What do I…..  drive out to Sonoma, see friend Chris.  Do something wine-related, taste wine, take notes, write about wine and make fun of it… how so many in the industry talk about all the people they know, how many connections they have… how they see every conversation as a chance to educate people.  I see it a lot with somms, but not just them.  Tasting room people, winemakers, even rich fuckers who have these big small-dick cellars at their house and take pictures of them just to show people they meet.  That I’ve seen a lot.  Though, it is cool to see these cellars, and I wish I had a house that could house such a collection and room.

Soon, when Bottledaux does something.