Had an idea hit me.

Writing it down, then more motion.

Not getting out to run for lunch, as the hunger right now is quite compromising and me and the girls are going to do a picnic in the backyard.  And, I don’t think I slept well so I’m a bit tired.

A couple of clients I inherited from a past AE, stressing me a bit.  Not sure why I let them do that.  One, moving from one territory to another and refusing to pay an ETF, while the other more reasonable is moving out of office because of covid and adjusting service assembly, not dramatically but enough to the point I need to contact ICB team (upper-management) and submit an addendum and some other shit.

Mom is right, this is a stressful time on business owners.  Think I forget that sometimes.  So… after lunch stay here at the desk and make some calls.  Bed early, wake early tomorrow to run as Mark does his bike riding with the sun rising.

Have to move around some money, and make more notes.  After lunch, all after lunch.  If the ideas take true residence in my being then they’ll be written down.  If I forget them, then they weren’t meant to be meant.