The week starts.  All I can think about is sales, looking through yesterday’s notes.

Flight plan for today:  Staying on phone, following up on new IT and other partnerships.  Calling.  With the new closures, wife is even more opposed to me physically canvassing.  So, I have to take all my efforts over phone and virtual, unless of course there’s an appointment at the level of the law firm from last week.  Getting more discouraged, frankly, but not stopping.  Looking everywhere in Salesforce, over Google and in the KMZ file for leads, something.

Have to take kids to dentist at 10, I believe.  After that will come straight back home and be in the chair, calling.

I wonder what’s going to happen, with all this.  Wondering about that’s a waste, no doubt.  So… keep moving.  Take it all to a virtual light and color, sound and step.

Daughter awake, can hear her upstairs.  

Opening Sonic laptop… getting into character.