journal – NOW

Definite mood today, but I can’t afford it.  Writing down, THE IMAGE, what I see for me.. where I want and need be.  Not writing it here.  Frustrated with my age, this kind of day, the covid thing and how it’s interfered with much operationally.  Look at reflection opposite, where left if right… what’s nay is now yay.  What’s quarantined is now free and flying aimlessly.

Draft another email.  One short but animated…. In sales but I don’t want to think of it that way.  Calls soon.  Well, an hour and fifteen minutes away.  Know my script for day, which of course isn’t a script if you know me… just saying hi.  Seeing if we can help. Calling on old leads.

Lock in, writing everything down.  Every idea no matter how crazy or asinine, out-there or just fucking weird, I’m doing it….  How to amplify, and raise visibility to a point where I DO hit 500% of quota.  New goal for self that I probably didn’t note.  It’s noted now, though.