Day ending and sipping a Westwood Pinot.  Odd day, odd place for a writer.  Quarantine essentially over for me, but even though I’m in the field I’m not selling shit.  No one wants to talk.  Can’t remember when the last time I sold something was.  At this point, I’m laughing, seeing comedy in it.  Bringing out and diving into my inner Sedaris.  It’s all humor.. selling, in this climate and day-type.  How can you not find some funnies in that?  Heard someone say earlier that no one wants to go out like they used to, that they’re scared and if they’re not scared IT’s on their mind.  COVID.  That word, that thing, the whole thing.  The days are reshaped, new color and flavor and voice, constrictions you can’t see.  It’s an opportunity, all of it is, Dad told me.  I follow his teaching and mentality.  What else should one do, hide under some rock, some rocky mentality and perspective that will only hurt you in long and short running?  Can’t afford.