Several leads and business names gathered

while on my street mission.  Hotter than I thought it would be.  Still haven’t had lunch.  But I’m in working way so I don’t feel it, at all.

At coLAB now.  Only one in the room, light are out and AC on.  Not many are here, which I like.

Quick note in BW journal.  Feeling hunger now a little more.  Where can I eat.  Feels amazing to feel somewhat normal, or in the routine of old.  Like I’m an ACTUAL Account Executive, and not just circling the tower and waiting to do what I do.

Another note, and another…. the next 30 days, a measure for me.  Day 1, today.  And I know, whenever I do these 30 or however many-day “challenges” to self, I never or rarely complete.  Not this time, avowed to self.  Something very specific to accomplish.  For us all.  I want to reiterate that…. this may seem like it’s all about me and my story and my sales and marketing, blogger and Account Executive and whatever-life.  But it’s ALL OF US.  All of us now, especially, in these days that are a bit confining and limiting, constricting but still encouraging creativity.  We all have something singular chased.  I know, after getting out into the field for the first time in, hard to believe, MONTHS… I know what it is.  I see it, and I will be there, in my There.

2:16pm, told Melissa I’d be back at 3-something.  This AE Challenge as I just wrote in the journal, is the About Everything Project.  Forget “challenge”.  There is no challenge only invitation.

Feel like celebrating, having a beer.  They have beer here, don’t they?  Or should I get one somewhere.  Can I?  Thinking of what’s close… where I can sit outside and get a burrito or something.  El Brinquito?  Feel like I go there all the time.  About Everything…. adhere to what you love.  Who you are, what you’re doing… where you live.  What you know, what you chase, what you see day to day.

Calm and zen in this room…. planning Day 2 of the AE Project.  First, wake early.  Enough of these excuses.  Second, pretend you know nothing about your business, products and services.  Speak only from what YOU are.  Your immediacy

AE….  About. EVERYTHING.  And I mean everything.  Still quiet but now I can hear people off to the right in the bigger room talking about something and a man in this part of the building with me, with a larger privately rented office just to my 12 asks if he can turn the lights on.  I tell him yes but he’s careful to not disturb me, not make it too bright. He turns only one on, the one closer to the meeting area where he told me he’s about to meet a client.  I thank him, look around, barely able to believe I’m here.  Not in the quarantine corner, with that view that I’ve seen for the past nearly three months.  How has it been that long.  Time has become dismissive as have I of it in some regards.

About to pack up, but notes first.  Where else can I go, besides Brinquito… no, go there.  See what happens when you think?  You don’t move.  Note in journal, “NO THINKING. ONLY MOVING.”