This morning, Jack telling me he

gets jealous of the other kids’ drinks in the morning, that some of them have flavored water or Gatorade, or something similar.  I tell him we’ll visit the Safeway close to his camp to get one for him.  Get an 8-pack, rest for Melissa still not feeling well.  Jack in the store tells me we need syrup as well for pancakes and waffles.  Get that as well.

Back in office sipping latte, Emma watching a kids show, I’m more than ready to get back out in the field today, walk around show my character, say hi and pass out cards but I’m not sure anyone will take one with the fear of transmission.  Difficult time to be in sales, but I need to be out.

Pay for Emma’s school, remaining balance, then swing by Sonic office.  Aiming to do everything virtually, but that idea is relatively new.  Composing a new email for campaign I thought of yesterday before sales call.

Financing and budget done for day, and week.  Going by coLAB to reactivate membership, work a bit.

Holding pattern, now.  9:18.  Packing bag.


Know where I’m started when I canvass Rohnert Park.  Business cards, find more….  Done.

Am I nervous, no.  Not at all. I know the risk of transmission, and getting covid but I’m tired of being reminded, tired of hearing the possibilities and symptom and everything.  I’m going to get out there and see people, not just doing my job and for the company, but for ME.  Know and note, I am doing this WHOLLY for me.

Emma asking for cereal and another show.  I never say no to her as so many know, so I accommodate.  Packing bag further… wallet, sanitizer, couple paper towels.  Can get more sanitizer when in office.  Badge…. haven’t put it on since quarantine started, I remember doing so to make me feel like everything was normal, that I was at the office, that nothing had changed.  Remember asking people in the past what working at home was like and they always told me to get dressed, put on a suit, tie, dress shoes if you have to.  It helps and consciously and unconsciously provokes production.