Vendor focus and Berkeley excavation, all day.  Communicated with one new IT guy, specializing in VoIP, but I’m not sure that’ll turn into much.  Lots of conversations started on Linked, and one new prospective customer lead in the Cannabis world.  Also spoke to one of my new vendors and she says she had a project she wants me in on.  Details to be revealed later when SIP is lifted, but sounds promising, and our communication has been rich and encouraging thus far.

Sent some emails to new businesses in San Rafael….  This reminds me how much I want and how badly I NEED to be out in the street.  Soon, I know, but prospecting and finding all these spots has me thinking of my already demonstrated momentum and what I’ve put up numbers-wise, and if there wasn’t a shelter-in-place order for so many of us.

Hit everything I sought to, a couple times over, today.  My BNI activity has as well escalated, and am going to meet with his chapter soon.  Also, will be attending some tech webinars through Meetup.com soon.  This has, with other projects (wine-related), proven to procure conversation and engagement.  Working on more ideas for business referrals but essentially going back to something I learned a long time ago in the wine industry… people buy from people they like.

Closing up now, 5:36, and looking forward to calling tomorrow as I have a lot to do with calls, and email.  Didn’t hit SF as I wanted to, and that’s fine as I was able to fixate on Berkeley, Novato, and my base of San Rafael.  Couple more things to do, notes and organization, planning tomorrow, then curtain.  I noted my SE earlier freaking out a bit that I don’t have any ink yet this month, he told me to relax that it’s only been a few days.  Learning opportunity, again….

Wine for nuit… J Vineyards Piont Gris.  2018 I think.  All RRV blocks, 100% neutral and I believe native inoculate, but I’d have to check.  Cheers….