latte lights

Notice a typo in my EOD from yesterday.  Leaving it.  Running at 11.  Confirmed and affirmed… already from day I’ve learned.  New route for day, in all regards…..  Melissa on a teacher Zoom meeting, Emma watching a show.  Took Jack to his camp this morning early and it made me sad leaving him there.  Not sure how to explain it, but I felt bad, like I was doing something wrong.  And it still stings a bit.  Writing my way through it, calling people, thinking of how to work and call people.  Have another call queued but breaking for a second.

Theming today’s calls in the ‘Happy Friday’ beat.  So it does feel warm and not at all cold.

Tired of my hair, actually no sick of it.  Should just fucking shave it off.  And I might over the weekend, go to Mom and have her remove the mane.

Opened Windows, more light, wake me up and put me in running mode and mood.  70 degrees predicted for launch time, 11am.  Just writing and not thinking…  Haven’t touched Alchemist in a bit.  Because I put it in the backpack, out of sight out of…..

Leading my herd somewhere.  No envisioned destination, but then I clearly see one.

Crow hobbling, or was it skipping, past house onto driveway then further.  What is he looking for? What does he have to be searching for anything singular?  Just to be on a Road, one yours, one self-said and stated, declared and decreed.

Off the phone with a business contact, two new leads and verified some info on a past lead he gave me.  Great talking to him.  His words and energy and drive to drive at what he wants.  Simple yet full and ravenous, certain, confirmed.  My energy is different after the call.  I don’t have the angst I did earlier.

Melissa still on her call, and less than an hour till run launch.  Done with latte.  Notebook on left lap.  Détendu (relaxed).  About to fly into verse, poems…. Three to be read.

Just finished one.  One done.  One track.  Will edit a bit, then post.  POETRY, in everything… in all of this.  My friend cited solitary confinement, metaphor to this.  Unanticipated bliss, even in this typing ache in wrist.