Just off a zoom call with an old wine friend of mine.  She and I talk about doing a broadcast together, she already being in business and media, and everything.  An idea for something, then another, then another….  Quiet in the house, in the mood for some of that Pinot Gris.  And something else… what.  Maybe that Carignane from Porter Creek.  Wasn’t in love with the Zin when I opened it the other night but last night it wasn’t bad, honestly.  Seen wines do that before but I didn’t expect that bottle to “recover” as it did.

5-something miles in journal for day, followed by a 1-mile cool-down walk.  Thought more about wine, a shop, a business.


-300 wine words, 3 wine posts.

-Promote vinovinevin… tell invite people to share their sips, what they have in their glass.


Told friend during our zoom call that it felt off to have a glass of wine at Kin the other day, on the patio looking out at the Windsor Town Green, enjoying wind, people talking around me…  Wondering when I’ll be back in the Lancaster Tasting Room now… and order your Bottle Barn wines, I remind myself.  Deviating from my sales notes and jots to a wined way.