Sales meeting in just over an hour.  Finished lunch here at Redwood Café.  A little behind on sending out proposed numbers and rates, but can catch up after bringing Jackie to his bookfair.  Can’t wait, to tell you the truth… see his face when he sees me and see him looking for his book and shark tooth, and any other books that his liking strike.

Will finish written idea for tonight’s class later, at one of my writing spots.  Know which one, but just not writing it here.  New approach… maybe write more vaguely, I think to myself.  Should I have not specified where I am, now, in Cotati, down the Road from SSU?  Seems like another life, when I was there.  A student.  Want that back.  That feeling, anyway.  Why do I need to want it back…. Why not just take it, enact it, track it.  Done.  But travel light, no heavy obnoxious backpack.

Need coffee.  And yes, need.  Maybe an iced coffee like the other day.  No, coffee from office.  Get there early… bring laptop.  No… just little notebook and phones.  Day evened and righted itself much quicker than I thought it would.  The Architect’s office….  Have to write that.