This morning,

thinking about all the stories I’ve come across in the wine industry. All the dreams people had, all the stories of struggle and people starting off making wine in their garage and then forming into an established tasting room on one of the main drags, Napa or Sonoma, wherever. The vision, the discipline, the planning. All of it, in my head this morning. And how at some point they had to let something go. Some other dream or thought, curiosity, path. They chose one thing. This blog, my wined story and what it teaches me, me getting to my shop within 365 days… my one thing. 3000 words. Today. For my one thing. The Roth Pinot from last night reminding me of stories, all these characters that have purposes and further planted my story… me narrating wine and what wine teaches me. Leading me to a happiness that most only read about or wish they held. Not me. This morning, a restart button pushed. Page turned. Book nearly done.