Headed to Somm-dom

Me.  Wine.  All days and ways.  A lovely stray.

And yes, I would say “officially”. For a number of reasons. Appeasing my hunger and addiction to wine knowledge and education, my principle pillar of learning-love, but just as well a curiosity to see how far I get with it.

First act, as I noted earlier, somewhere, in one of my wine notebooks, is to read every single thing I can about wine. And take so many notes I get lost in and into them. Tasted only a couple wines today, from winery. Pinot and both Cabs. Neither said anything new to me, then my co-worker, Charity, whose name often has a pun and happenstance-honed communicativeness, told me a wine shipment for me arrived. I became giddy, elated, childlike. My first K&L wine order, here… I took each bottle out, and just gawked. Breathed. This is where it starts, I said to myself. Everything is about wine, my personal brand, if you’d call it that, but definitely MY wine story. This is where I fervently know it begins, gets launched into a new composition and character, cosmos… each minuscule breath and motion, all for wine. When teaching, how I share ideas about whatever we’re reading, like I’m doing a pouring in the TR, or offsite. Encourage people to trust their senses, palates, thoughts, that initial reaction. And if you don’t like it after the first sip, let it rest, open, taste again.

Tempted to try another of the K&L wines. But won’t. The goal is to study, build my collection. Maybe even sell a bottle or two, or more. Wine is speaking to me today, and quite directly. Singularity… write about wine, sell through the writing, sommelier steps and my eventual shop. In the kitchen eating some brie cheese and crackers, little jar of tomato ginger jam. Thoughts… all wined. Know what I’m tasting when I get back out to the room. Everything. And each bottle will be noted, have its own notes which I’ll study… Sturdy and sequenced in my studies. And I won’t tire. I can’t. Not where I am in the story.