Wine Industry Maintenant

Lady from South Africa doing a tasting, her husband just observing, walking around the room and looking at the walls, rotating photos on the screen, then the shirts trying to find one that fit him. While tasting, this vocal and particular wife, she let me know that certain Pinots agitated her, that they weren’t for her, that they just didn’t speak to her or appeal to her. I’ll write more on this later, but the tasting room dimension and personality, collectively, tells me to go further, as far as I can into the wine industry’s grip and sound– the music of it all. When I poured her my favorite, the AV single-vineyard Cabernet I saw her eyebrows go sky high, elevate with intrigue and impression, space-stare and wonder.

Now on break, in kitchen, leaning against a steel island table and looking at what I type next to an empty glass rack. Those that get disenchanted with the industry have the wrong scope, sensibility. See it as yours. Right now is my topic, here in this kitchen and when out there with the S.A. woman.

I’ve tried a couple of the wine’s today, but not many. Have the Cabernet tasting across the street later, and I know that woman’s voice will be in my ears and thinking, what I see and next to me in the next chair even if someone’s sitting there. What will happen up there, I think looking down at my lunch which embodies a couple crackers and some port mustard I the other day bought with points accumulated. Looking at water jugs…. should drink water before going up there, hydrate, tasting’s had fucking work, oui? Another cracker… need eat. Hear more people walk into the tasting room and express their assessments so everyone in the world can hear. Lovely.