note, wine, people, me, here–

On lunch here at Lancaster, in the upstairs office at my own desk, looking out at the vineyard, remembering when I used to call from up here, do copywriting for the winery back in early ’12, just after little Kerouac was born…. wrote a verse earlier, tried to squeeze one in downstairs but gave a tour earlier to a French Canadian gentleman who’s I think the wine director of a fine dining restaurant on the west coast of Florida.  We had a vocal and mutually invigorating exchange of ideas on the Cabs before us, talking about food pairing and the personalities in the glasses, how well they would age and when would be the best time to drink them.

11 minutes left for the writer.  Just sent out the 4th VLJ letter… one day late, but oh well, you know?  Last couple days have been trying for the writer but I refuse to slow or diminish in speed and productivity even microscopically.  I, keep going…. Only option I’m giving myself.

Saw a huge Mercedes Van or Winnebago-type vessel pull up.  But only two people got out.  Huh, strange…. Can hear co-worker downstairs talking to them, starting them on wines.  Going to start myself with the SB, see what it says to me.  Brought some to Mom and Dad’s last night but didn’t pour self any.  Should re-visit—  UGH, hate that term and when people say that.  So what’s the alternative, then?  How about, “talk to”?  Yeah.. I should talk to the SB, let her talk to me, see what she says, sings, denotes and connotes and how I connect to her composition.

Everyone telling me, here, and at Foley Sonoma, even more than at Dutcher, that they love how I speak about wine… that’s it’s spoken word or lyrics, lyrical… some ‘verbal ballet’ on person last week said.  Not complimenting myself, just responding to what people seem to like.  I need build upon this for building my business, or brand, books and career.  There’s something here.  More than a singular something but it is singular in that it will compose one expansively theatrical placement for me—  Not sure what I want to tell, storytell or disclose, just know I’m seeing something new.