wine sketchez

img_9620This  is more of a revisit, I’ll be frank.  Had this bottle from one of my favorite producers several times, and with this interaction I had much more cherry and smoky vanilla–  The wine wanted to be more animated this time ’round, with more jazz about its approach and mid.  Talking to me with new and renewed dialect.  Soft, sensuous, and I know that sounds a bit trite but this visit screamed melody, music, and a lovely loudness.  I hear what people say about Merlot, and when you taste a bottle like this it’s clear that such a perception and conception is wrong.  Well, not many produce Merlot as well as Sbragia, and again that’s just wine-zoomed frankness from the writer, but last night’s connection to this bottle wrote a sovereign chapter.  Have a little bit left in the bottle on the counter at home.  Can’t wait till I’m off work, for glass 3.