Business Plan for 3-5pm…

Two posts per hour, 50 or more words each.  About teaching, and learning, what I’m learning from the day and what I’m planning on learning in coming days.  Openness to everything, every moment around me.  Right now, I value quiet.  I value my time… my life and visions, aims, my past.  Everything.

When at a loss for ideas, go to your favorite authors, any of them.  What did they say, what did they write, where were they from?  6 minutes from 3– now 5.  Time to ready self for this set of posts.  Over 200 words in the end.  Objective: learn.  Pick an item and expand upon it, acknowledge its meaning, its gravity.  Like this napkin to my left, between the two laptops, just over the pen.  It’s done, used, about to be disposed of.  I feel sorry for it.  Why I don’t know.  Probably because I see it as something more than an ‘it’.

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