No 4AM wake this morning,

and I’m fine with it.  Started day by throwing away 5 items from desk’s top.  Going to test my self a bit in terms of storytelling, telling my story and carving my character.  How… a bit of focus on—I don’t want to say ‘fashion’—but appearance.  Looking more the character I want to be.  Plan outfits a bit more.  Just trying something different, for the sake of the writing and my own story development and character assembly.

Didn’t get a chance to make yesterday my own as I set out.  Busier than expected toward day’s end.  Today I don’t care how busy it gets, I will record and I will pocket material.  But no more little pieces of scratch paper or those makeshift notebooks made of the scratch pieces.  Minimalism taken to an artful degree.  Coffee at left…  Tomorrow going to Education office to gather some paperwork, go for a short run (won’t have time for a longer for which Monday and Wednesday are designated), then to campus.  But the busier I am, the more story I have.  More affirmations and promises… just a bla bla bla brook.  So, this morning, zen.  No rush to run, no early rise, and I’m fine with everything.  Would give my right arm to spend the day with my babies and Ms. Alice.  But, as always, work.

Morning’s instruction, so far:  Take the moments as they’re presented.  Don’t stress yourself in attempts to shape them.  Characters and Story are both cognitive.  It’s a harmony, one doesn’t shape the other.  It’s concerted reality.  So, understand what’s around you, then act or react.  Create.  I’m not saying I can’t chance, or I can’t change my setting and stage.  It’s more advantageous to understand everything before trying to change it.  Slow, slow…  This morning I have Jack down here with me, it’s 7:27AM, Alice and Emma are asleep still, and I have about an hour before I have to begin my ready for ANOTHER work day.