Like a challenge,

but not elementally.  What.. keeping self busy, dodging and scuffling with boredom at the desk.  Everything I had to do is done now I just sit here and think about my day off tomorrow, going to the raceway with Dad and my boy.  First time I’ve been, so I’m sure the inspiration will strangle me.  I’ll bring a notebook, and of course the phone, take pictures and videos.  This is just my usual blogger promissory note, wishlisting and imagining the day.  What I want, what I want…  What I’ll do, what I’ll do.  This is what happens at the desk, when you’re fatigued and nearing a bored creak.  So now what, back to looking at the clock–

Reader(s):  What do you do to get to 5?  Do you work at a desk?  Where do you find peace at work?  How do you deal with the stress of boredom?  (Did I mention the stress associated with boredom, above?  No… I should have.)  Boredom remedies, WHAT ARE YOURS?  I’m running out of mine…  HURRY!  Time is of florescent essence!!!