me:  6/28/16

Writing blog post for Dutcher.  Still waking up.  Something about that cider made waking slow and annoying.  Need a vineyard walk, that will solve everything.

Finished first draft of post.  Need a walk.  Air before it gets too hot.  Saw on social media yesterday that it reached 102 in this part of the valley.  Makes me sick just thinking about it.

Back from walk, 2 pictures from crush pad.  Still tired, waking up…  Sip mocha, and coffee in office later.

Post emailed to proprietor.  Now what…  Going to make class short tonight.  Why, because I can, and the chair’s look and attitude yesterday miffed me irreparably.  I don’t need his sour and fragmented department to exercise my passion for teaching.  Make no mistake, reader.  This thick of the bottledaux rebellion has touched down.