If you work in an office,

then you know.  There are those times when you finish something then have to findimg_4607 someone for the next to-do, but you can’t find them so you go to someone else then they tell you to go talk to them, but you can’t find them, whomever ‘them’ is.  So you keep yourself busy, or look out the window and think, make a couple notes to yourself if you’re a writer like me then try to move on…  Keep busy, keep working or you’ll go mad.   Which is right where I am.  Can only look out the window so many times.  Do I have anything I could edit?  Any blog posts for the winery I could do?  Just note to self.. build that new journal project.. just keep busy so you don’t go crazy.  Do you know what I mean?  If you do, let us know.  How do you keep your sanity in an office, no matter your view.