And of course,

I have troubles sending the newsletter.  I’m not bloody giving up.. Going to get that second coffee.. wallet?  Oh, in bag, much lighter now after passing back the papers.

Just used restroom to wash hands, and thought it a waste of time and money to get another coffee.  10:35AM currently and I’d rather use the time writing, sitting in this adjunct cell with composing quiet and quietude, just for me.  Tired, won’t lie I may take a nap when I get home, just relax for a bit, something (another reason I didn’t want any more caffeine).

10:46— newsletter out.  It sucked.  But it’s only the first one.  Well, I shouldn’t say ‘it sucked’, but the formatting’s not as glamorous or eye-demanding as I’d like it to be..  Have to leave soon.. have the Carpe journal out, taking notes, jotting plans, visions for bottledaux.  That’s my brand, that’s where I am, and it’s more than a lifestyle-anything, but an encouragement of discussion, exchanging ideas.  I’ll post a topic to the blog after this post, and see what people have to say, what ideas they have.  And all of us should be interested in what others think, what they have to say about issues and matters in society.  That’s the only way we can know our own beliefs is if we’re aware and demonstrate understanding of others’ convictions.  Well-roundedness and robust understanding, like I offer my students exercise.

Don’t want to leave office, though I have to.  Want to stay locked in here, play with ideas, type, go through all the photos from the past week.  So many… inventory time!