I’ve Had It!

You have enough on your plate.  Don’t stuff yourself.  Knowing Enough, and the concept of Enough, WHEN you have enough is much of the way to build character I’m finding.  Yes, work ethic is always praised and it’s admirable and makes you look strong and supreme.  But, the mentality of always needing an assignment and being busy can be toxic.  What’s not emphasized enough today is just relaxing.. or better, meditating, taking time for yourself.  Having that cup of coffee or taking yourself to lunch, listening to jazz as I am this morning and just taking a second, or two.  Yes, I could be “working” right now, grading papers or trying deathly to meet someone else’s deadline but the stress serpent won’t sneak on this writer.  Not this morning.

I just learned this, the whole “Enough” thing.  And yes, at a price, but it was and is a lesson.  One I plan on sharing with my babies when the time invites.  Why always more?  Why do we always need MORE?  Why not just revel in what you have, and perfect that?  When I first started my business, Mom and Dad said something like “Don’t book more than one, maybe two more clients and that’s it.” Of course, even at my old age, I dismissed them, thinking “I can handle anything.. I always want to be busy and working and work 18 heart-testing hour days.” But that conception is intrinsically flawed.  How can I specialize in anything if I’m emaciated?  How can I focus?  How can I perfect?  What was I thinking?

Enough.  I have what I need, assignment-wise, and I’ll go from there.  If something else introduced itself, another client or opportunity or writing prompt or direction, I’ll measure it first.  I’ll think.  I’ll meditate.  I’m not moving too fast as I in the past have shown.  Measure.. meditate.. think intently about what you’re to do.  And if you have enough, then ENOUGH!

One semester in college I took something like 20 quarter units, one of the classes being Intermediate Algebra in which I ultimately earned a sterling ‘D’.  I’ve always blamed the professor, who was not even partially complicit in fact he was rather funny and versatile in his lecturing techniques.  Now, this morning, and yes this very morning, I see it was me.  I earned the robust and curvaceous ‘D’.  I should have known I had enough, dropped the class or not in the beginning reg’d for it.  There was a price for my ambition, wanting to get it all done fast and stay busy.  Which, once more, I have to say, on paper looks great.  But if the fruition is rotted, then you’ve passed Enough.  And you have to learn that, just as I am now at my old age.  But, it’s all a lesson.  This whole living and growing up thing is a class, and you’re not going to ace every assignment.  So breathe, meditate, and enjoy your morning.  Have another cup, and have it with me.  Isn’t it wonderful?  À la tienne…..  Mike