The title of this document in or on the laptop.  Everything this morning is about positivity, consolidating, allowing no negative forces around me.. putting everything into my Literary approach to wine, putting more content on the startup, talking mySELF out of moods.  Life is too short, and I live now in an idyllic little house on a quiet street thanks to my ever-saintly parents.  I don’t have time to be in any mood– the wines I’m to make need me, I need to one day– or more so WANT TO– pay back Mom and Dad, and keep with my serial crEATive entrepreneurship.  And that’s what this is, what I am as a writer and blogger of wine.  To make money doing what I love and from the energies positive– or I’m not making money FROM them, but more BECAUSE of them.

This morning’s entries will be short as I need to do some promotion of the content I put to vinovinevin, my startup, my new dream of enveloping yourself, myself, my days and visions and life totaled in wine.  And more the story and visuals of wine rather than the act of drinking.  In fact, immeasurably more.

This morning also tells me to slow down.  Walking Jackie to his classroom I nearly started to tear, not just from having to leave him for the day but from him looking up at me, smiling; there’s no problem in his head, no worry, no stress, no negative forces or tones.  A song comes on, familiar, here in the home office, “Love Song” by Hutcherson.. and I calm further, no negatives, no where around me– only the quixotic ease and aloftness, like when talking to Paula hearing her speak of the aged citizens she helps, telling the stories with such a smile, such gratification and assurance; all positive.  She inches closer to her image, the scene she seeks.  And that I once envied but don’t any longer, or as of this morning.  As I’m doing the same, again, for the first time in years– a student of wine and my own aims, of writing and the Literature–  Could write a book on characters like her, or just her and that savory optimism that refuses to fade.

Driving to the Hopper coffee spot, I took the wrong turn off 101, Bicentennial rather than the Old Redwood/Mendocino Ave exit.  But I didn’t let it bother me, “This is what the story wants” I thought to myself and enjoyed the delay, the slightly hardly at all noticeable longer cruise to my 4 shot cup.

This morning I’m seeing everything.  EVERYTHING I want, need, what my son deserves, and what I want drawn for the future.  No negativity– I just don’t want to hear it.  At all.  Wine, and writers, especially writers moving their pens to tell wine’s story, don’t and should never let themselves speak that language.  So, I sip so deep this 4 shot mocha and feel invincible.  And thank Mom and Dad for this home office, for this home on this quiet street– just what the wine writer needs.  No despair, no pain, no angst or stress– “It’s YOUR life, you have YOUR choice,” Grandma said.  She must have seen me a couple years beyond when she said that, somehow.  She knew I’d be here, thinking this feeling this and executing as I am with all my crEATivity, and in my wined life.  Whatever the story or what Grandma said, I’m here in this chair with my Kerouac books, right, just next to my mocha, and another deep pull from the cup…..