sbUx, and working, following

up on leads and trying to change the appearance of the bx blog a bit.. then, write more for client 2.. about wines and connection between farming, food, and the wine.. the earth– yesterday walking thatIMG_7162 vineyard with them, had me thinking of, well, life, and what I’m doing with mine, and how now I finally feel alive, more alive and more a writer than I’ve ever felt– statements passive and punctuated but either way obviated in their vivacity, normalized somehow by their weaved Truths.

Just remembered, have to work on the teaching blog– and write for that, the idea of editing papers and why do it and why the students should relish the invitation to do so.  Yes I may provide some formulaic approach, but more importantly, and with intrinsic immediacy, I just want them to be in charge of their writing and decide what needs to be changed.  THEY.. are the editors.

Listening to music that I would play in the mmc office.  And I don’t want to leave this coffee spot–  Blog cleaned up a bit.  A bit.  Still more I want to do…

Should leave in a bit to get a new little notebook across the street.  So much in my head I can barely contain any of it.. but I have to breathe, bolster my breathset, and just use the schedule that I have, ‘ride the river’ as Michael Browne said, and use it as material.. like me, sitting here at the table right in front of the drink pickup area, watching all these people and characters and how they walk to the counter and away from it– and I think of client 2, the people that walk into the tasting room and how they leave, what they leave thinking, what they bring into their homes and how they have a new view of wine solely because they visited ‘S’.  And yesterday, at bottling, thinking of where all those bottles go and how they find themselves as part of a collective and individualized life; standalone stories and amalgamated narratives in a glass–



(7/15/15 – 9:44AM)