6:59, already working.  Have meeting with client 2 at 1:30– then to campus, to get a headstart on rough draft workshop… week 5/8, already over.  Going far too fast.  And for the writing that I forgot in the legal pad, the one I use for lecture notes and– shit, have to resurrect maddenedread.  Always so much to do– sent proposal to Tiburon Kelly, now I wait.  Have to follow up on old lead, with which I had TWO meetings and still haven’t heard anything.. have to keep pushing.. oh, and finish “profile” on that blogging site, for freelancers.. so much to do and I love it.



anything else?

I’ll let you know..

7:02, have to go upstairs and get Kerouac’s clothes ready.  My poor wife, upstairs in her dormancy, sleeping, collecting, and she should, as next week she has to prep for school, for the Fall, ALREADY!  Where is time going?–

Need to send Tiburon Kelly samples.. damnit!  Maybe I’m moving with too much fluency and fluidity.  Passion’s price I guess.  Have the day planned in my head, not with specifics, but with with vision, visual, a picture.

Call wine shops for tastings of Archival..

Again, my head spinning, and I love it, actually.  Cup 1 already dead.  So 2 soon in cue, to change my hue, so much ado…..

Story telling and “picture painting” as client 2 said… the essence of my “content”.  And me now at this raised kitchen island on one of the tallboys, red and thin metal, Jackie left playing with toys.  “More faffles,” he orders.  So I get up hop to the freezer then the toaster then back to the freezer, give him a kiss atop crown then back to island.  And I keep moving, the writing and the writer I am– little editing and all has to be truthful I remind myself.. away away go go go–