Struggles more with

technology and I put myself in that position.  No more.. on the 4.5 mile run, that I had to stop early from the heat, I thought about my business plan and what I want with the novel and the blog, and the categories, and re-blogging past posts.. and why not, they’ll just be forgotten otherwise.  And I stay centered in wine.  And I’m not making wine, just writing about making it and blogging it.  9:53 now and I plan on waking early, writing in the novel, at least 3 pages like this morning then ready myself for the winery.. and I’ll taste through everything– and I was just thinking, with this whole tech war I’m always fighting– keep it simple.  No more “apps” or plug-ins”, or downloads, nothing.  In my yell for free life and free everything, everything in liberatory sequentiality.  Don’t look at my phone at work, just write, write everything– talk less, dream more, keep all things simple, minimal device contact, I don’t want to be seen on my phone always, I want people to see me scribbling, noting for my next novel…..

Tomorrow morning, no coffee just as tonight I see and touch not a drop of wine.  My run also had me thinking of more walking, just walking and thinking, no writing just reflecting on where I am and what I’m thinking then write later.  And I’m up late, or kind of late, and thinking about work, working, blogging– that’s it, I tell myself, in not so much a nutshell just there, on the page, like all the words I carved this morning.  And after those words, my mind and motion and page-churning ability has fizzled.  So I need to stop.  And I will.

Soon, I start the Short Fiction Café.  Yes, on blog.