and back to the novel–

Haven’t touched it some days, but here I am with three pages done.  Now to my articles, the blog assignment.  Sitting in this Starbucks in the old Yulupa neighborhood always provides perspective and an acute verisimilitude, a soothing voracity in my writing, or maybe that’s in my head.

I see the novel finishing quite quick, at this rate, and I was thinking this morning, driving Kerouac to school that I’ll have more Equilibrium of mind if I have just ONE project.. if I note anything like a sketch or short story, it will be just that– NOTED.  In fact, I’ll go across the street to CVS, shortly, and get a Comp Book for such notes.. have to work on my articles, but how can I with this novel in my head?  I’ll do so quickly.. my preeminence lies with this novel, and the Massamen character and how he knows everything has to change, and his way, for his story and his development as a character– his sights and observations and occurrences.  I’m looking at this novel and the articles as a challenge, and offer, and invitation, to have the writing life I’ve always wanted, and then I start to reflect on all the jobs I’ve had, and how so many didn’t like me questioning the authority.. huh, ‘THE’ authority.  Fuck authority.  We writers don’t even know what that is, or we do we just choose to question it and with precise deconstructive methodology.  This too, in the novel.  Massamen is tired of always having to fear, and always needing to apply for something.  How is that living?  And of course someone would say, “Well that’s part of being an adult.” Well, they don’t write.  They don’t live.  They just surrender and live safely and are fine with living beaten.  So now, the novelist goes to his articles.. below’s a couple hundred words from the day’s three pages…  On secondthought, you’ll have to wait…..