Usually mornings like this

stress me and sink my mood like coral to a thin-hulled craft. But not this morning, I’m motivated and daunted by ideas, more and more and to this jazz which I only in head hear (room/kitchen silent) I zoom past anxiety, and the 3-shot mocha helps the writer of course. So first J fought his scribbling father to get dressed, nor did he like when I turned off the TV.. then, he said he wanted a treat so I stopped at the SBUX on 12 & Farmers, only to park where the line extends to.. so I had to wait once we had his treat got back in car and reverse lights were on.. one car let me back up slightly, turn left, the another car left me turn further left to get to exit.. then dropping J off he wanted to play in the little puddles caused by the light rain, rush inside drop him off then to Safeway for batteries..bought. Then the mocha, then home, only to find a backup on 12 from some accident, more chipaway in Time.. so now I’m here and I set timer for 10 min… 6 min left and that includes editing if I decided to do any and posting. MY day in speeded sped so fruitful I know when I get in the shower more ideas and novel directions, or ones possible will come to me–
Charing for bottledaux, for people to read it.. a new writer friend entered the Room yesterday with her friends, Sarah, and she told me that she had a blog but the publisher or her agent made her deactivate it.. my first thought was how sad, she let them tell her what to do with her own writing.. but after passing the traffic event on 12 I think “Yes, how practical and pragmatic.. and I hate to give any pig publisher or vermin agent credit, but yes, why should anyone get to read our work for free?” So that’s my new notion and direction.. researching it at work alongside wine and winemaking scribbles, the critical thoughts I need jot on Kerouac’s ‘Underwood’ along with other ink impulses… 3 minutes left.. Edit. Post.
The the day’s remainder for the writer. I take stress and coerce it into promulgation, noting jejune about this Mike that you read now– I’m the agitated rattler, the quickest shark– determined osprey.