Going to bed soon. Want to wake earlier than I usually do, and get out the door by 5:20, latest. Clothes are down here, bag packed, shaved and showered. Left knee bugging me quite a bit from run– oh yeah, I did finally get out. Laid down for a nap but was pulled from a dream I can’t remember by the phone ringing, dentist appt tomorrow at 2, I think. Shit. Ran a couple errands, rushed back to house and headed out. Now here I am, a bit moody and sore. Over 2,000 words for day, so not a loss so much. Still can’t believe Uncle Ross is gone. Mom says Dad’s hanging in.. don’t know how he does it.

Need to be more like Dad, as I’ve written so many times here before. So I will be with my writing as he is with everything; straightforward, no-nonsense, and thorough. Should get up, put this laptop in bag, well as the Sedaris book, plate in sink, toss what I didn’t eat (which wasn’t much, starved after that run.. which again I almost didn’t do.. almost bought fast food earlier before run, for some reason having such abhorrent craving..). But I wanted to be well, purpose mySelf toward more Wellness, hence as well no wine tonight, and no beer as I also had earlier hankering.