Back from


outing to mall and drive up Bennett Valley Road, just a meditation, where I turned around just past Matanzas Creek Winery. Then I start thinking of the stills I shot there a little while ago and the pictures I’ve taken since getting into ‘blogging’ and “wine blogging”. What have I forgotten, what else can I expand upon, what new directions can I take with wine-consumed imagery if any and where is wine taking me? I mean, should I apply for a job in distribution? I should if I want to make more money and get out of the tasting Room and experience Newness, possibly travel. If teaching 4 classes in semester didn’t muffle or slow the prose then some cookie-cutter wine post won’t, that I know. One picture I found, and I remember going out for a drive right after “set” and finding some vineyards on Olivet Road and catching what I could of leaves and forming clusters, sky, whatever I could find. This one still in particular strikes me. And it’s obvious why, knowing myself and how much I love upward angles in photography and subtle clouds, the blue, like I’m on my back looking up at the atmospheric layers, wondering what it’d be like to see all this from up there, just wondering a dream, with my parked car and camera, a day off which I never have, just dreaming. Then another, this of the short harvesting day I worked at that guy Doug’sIMG_0636 house. A cluster set of Syrah; exhausted, ready and full, full of promise and story. He paid me with a bottle of the ’08, of his estate project (which he doesn’t sell but giveth to family & friends). Then I think of wine, my ongoing tussle– Do I stick with or ship abandon?