One class done, I’m going to lighten load.  Drop many items off into car’s trunk.  Then, meeting with student.. need details for book, and right now, all I have is this room; the file boxes full of assessment essays, VHS’s on shelves [why do we keep those?  I can’t remember the last time I saw a VCR..], so many chairs (some swiveling, some no), these two long tables (arranged to make a “T”), and myself.  Oh, and all the photos on the wall in front of me (of other instructors, at some gathering, and some of them as children, which I don’t get..), the one separating the conference room from what I see as the Mail Room.

Should start looking to see what these other JC’s want for the app materials.  The only thing worrying me is that my rec letters are a bit old, and not specific to recruitment.  But you know what, several will attest to my strength as a teacher, so I’m not worried.  And my statements, Diversity Philosophies, sample lessons and lectures–MY WRITING–are what will get me a FT position, I’m certain.  Just have to stay consistent with my submissions, much like my wife in her FT search.


9AM.  Meeting student in exactly 30 minutes.  Excited for my students submitting their applications to schools of their selection, starting on their respective paths.. and now I restart on mine, what I initially catalyzed: writing, teaching (which for me is mirroring, the same body).

Finished Hemingway with ‘5’.  Sad, but now we move onto and into Ms. Plath’s novel.  So excited to explore her world, troubles, again.–  OH, still need to write plan for next class.  I’ll let my walk, before meeting with Mercedes, determine the direction of what I lecture, or teach.  I know I want a workshop, a brainstorming session, and I know I want to comb through the pieces we read last night.. but what else?  Maybe some inclass writing, something they can submit for some Attendance & Activity credit.  Yes.. but topic?  I’ll let my walk decide that.  And my 2nd mocha…  (1/29/14)