And I’m back from getting our burritos.  What a day it’s been,  Was surprised how awake I was, all day, still am(!), after Jackie’s trouble sleeping last night.  I’ll be opening one of my Merlots tonight, see how it’s evolving.  This inspired by Jay, my friend and co-worker, who recently told me that he and his girlfriend, Jen, shared a bottle over dinner the other night.  And loved it.

Sipping Racer, at present.  My FT app, for SRJC, away.  Meant to drop it off at campus HR office, but while making copies of everything I noticed I forgot my CV.  How could I–  Whatever.  I came back home, printed it, mailed all materials, enveloped, from the UPS office down the block.


Sending one poem to a Literary Magazine, by email, at some point tonight.  Will keep a detailed submissions log in this semester’s Comp Book, which is already filling impressively.  Now, at a loss for motion on this keyboard.  Maybe I AM finally getting tired.  This is when poems serve more useful pull.  Should probably open that Merlot soon…  Will wait till Alice is down from putting little Kerouac to sleep.

This semester’s book, my role, already evolving.  So thankful I have the opportunity to teach.  Don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t.  Can you imagine?  Working full-time, in any industry?  I can’t.  And I say that as a criticism of Self…  This is all I know how to do…

The Dry Creek disaster, job, I had…  Was thinking about that today, while walking from 100 section back to car, and I felt so liberated, that I don’t have to deal with people like her anymore, that incompetent hasty-witted devil-monk.  But, see, she’s stuck in the industry.  She has NO other options.  Now I need a glass, to understand fully what’s off- bow.

8:12p.  Poor Alice, still up there.  This must be a certain shift in little Kerouac’s character.  Interesting.  (1/29/14)