2nd Showing

Two pieces in book, first2, officially edited, finalized, ready to print.  Sipping an ’08 Cab from AV Winery.  Nearly forgot how incredible that wine was, is.  Not so eventful at work.  No punchdowns, only 1 mountain tour.  But all I could enjoy was that fact I woke close to 5am, delivered 1,000 words to log.  Also today, received an email from a young lady I met, just yesterday in fact–or day before.  She read my work, or some, not sure how much, and appears to enjoy my words, paragraphs, saying I ‘definitely am talented’.  You have no idea what that does to the writer.  IT’s better than money.  It warrants, DEMANDS, another sip.

Funny, to me anyway, how I was asked to go to local marketplace to get ice bags, paper  bowls for a BBQ one of the owners was to throw for production.  I was given $20 from register.  I thought to Self, “Let’s make this practice, in stretching budget.” So, drove there quickly, went to frozens, took 4 bags, couldn’t find price.  Went to paper cups, plates, section, also took four.  Set on belt, for best hoped.  $19.79 [birth year price, also funny, interesting..].  Made a couple jokes upon return, on how I “came in under budget.” Jeff, one of the owners responded, “We like that.” Not sure this holds any meaning, or if I value it, but I did remember.  And what I do remember, as I’m looking at them now: I forgot the company vehicles keys in my pocket.  So, after dropping off Kerouac, I’ll head to winery.  And from there, I’ll run.  Thinking Lawndale.

Recollection:  People taking pictures of open-top barrels, tank room, through big window, or what I call the glass wall, in tasting Room.  Just think that the reaction of newcomers to wine country’s fascinating, how enamored they are.

All this poetry from me.. next book.  I’m sure.  And the 1-year rule, with blog, may not apply.  It’ll be a collection, of many work types.  But I’m aiming for stage.  Tomorrow, in English 5, for our open mic, I’ll offer some words.  ‘nother sip, needed.

Oh.. how it grows more depth, wooing qualities, romance as it lets Room’s ambient qualities into its sphere.  How does wine do that?  And that’s what makes me wonder how much control there purported “artists” have over what they bottle.  It physically does change.  What we create, as Writers, is final.  Paginated as we please, especially for the Self-published penner.  The only “change” would be in how its interpreted, which we can’t help.  And shouldn’t want to–

Sorry, distracted by phone, the pictures I took today.  Clouds coming, as Jill and I cleaned the Mountaintop patio.  Thought there may have been a minor possibility for drops, but no.  So tired of this dry weather.  Need more coffee & composition conditions.  Nearing night’s cap.  Plath movie, 1 more time.  One last glass.  Then


Up since 5-something.  How?

Rest never.