Transferred the 2k words to book, 41-page project.  And it’s done.  Time, 8:41am, and I’m nearing 1,000 words.  Could be the coffee, could the morning.. could be me.  Not sure I’m concerned with cause at this point.  Started a 500-word paper on Naturalism, its significant to students, readers, on teaching blog.  Feel that it may be part of what gets me to Stanford.  I think.  Could be wrong, but what’s wrong with trying, blended with hoping?


Season earlies, not hurting,

but teaching, showing, new green stretches,

glazed, almost closed,

stay on patio, enjoy moment before

numbers heighten–

all touched, as if it were sent from

Yukon, Arctic, somewhere in

Siberia.  Thank you, perfect

beginning. now if I could

just stay here, freeze frozen

frame, for me, to keep, what they could

criticize then.. nothing.  their lips would

be iced still, shut.

Sounds, natural or man, with whisked white