5.9 miles, in less than an hour. Run, done. 8:14pm. No dinner yet. No wine tonight. Want to be more than awake, come early morrow hours. Saw a writer friend of mine today.. club member at winery. Hadn’t seen her in a while, meant to return her email MONTHS ago, but as scatter-brained as this writer veins, I was diverted. Tonight, I won’t forget.

Another guest pleasantly strangling my reflective compass, a sweet, conversantly magnetic English Professor from Illinois. Rebecca. She’s the first to speak as I do, as an English Professor, in tasting Room, with me. We talked about everything from favorite Authors (hers, Joyce), pedagogical methods, assessment, to student transition from high school to college, from Comp theory to pen vs keyboard… When she left, all I wanted to do was write, for Fall.

9:29pm. On sparkling water #2. Tired from run, now. Wasn’t at first. Need to post yesterday’s thousand, then rack 10 more pages into book. What do I write for rest of night? Not sure– Should stop writing, probably. Just break, for second, or more. Want this TV off. Music only– Idea hitting, meteorically: go back to original book document.. don’t re-arrange pieces, as you’re doing in rack2 doc. Again, why do I, writers like mySelf, complicate? Especially when it’s so obvious that simplification’s more advantageous. That such will get book done quicker.

Feels entirely weird that I don’t have to prep for class tomorrow night. Need a couple hours of writing, of course, at some point tomorrow. What do I want from the 4th’s collective session? Print the book, put those new ink cartridges to work. Right now, 120 pages [forgot I added to the 113]. Now a word over. Stopping there… So if there’s any substance to this session: writers need to know when and how to exercise some dash of inculcation. There, over 300 words. Clocking out. More water tipples. Sing–

10:44pm. Know I said I’d stop typing, rush to Comp Book, for spoken word, but I’m getting tired. And it doesn’t feel “right,” whatever that means. I’m more eased, with more compositional coherence on this blog doc, believe it or no. I know.. I made the most antithetical Literary statement of my Lit Life, just now. But it’s what I’m feeling. Now, my structure really shuts down. Think that run took more of a toll than the writer before estimated, appreciated.

Thinking about how my wines tasted the other day. Liked both, which relieves me. That Merlot, a month or 2 ago, really rattled me. Katie and Blair both telling me to calm, but this is a new experience for a writer. They’re both professional winemakers, so they’re very much used to the valleys, palate lulls. Just checked weather, low 80s here in SR. Still unable to accept I’ll be free for next 2 days. A Saturday of sorts, followed by boisterous Sunday.

Now, having trouble keeping eyes open. Was just reading through book, its standalones. Surprisingly liking what I read.