No matter what happens in my Life, I’ll still write.  Everything.  From my first assignment teaching, from the entries of grad school, and before, to this development with Grandma.  All will be written.

With mocha now.. should be recording moments and thoughts with ink, as to see writing speed.  I can’t convey that with these types.

Jack, distracted by music flying from phone.  MY favorite song from Guts.  Kerouac, bobbing his head, like he’s about to sing along, or dance.  Not running today, tempted as I am.  Tomorrow, though.  Would love to do a Wed A.M. sprint, or some intervals, but waking in excessive prematurity’s always been difficult for the writer.

Mocha, over by wine fridge.  Interesting to see it there.  Wine, coffee.. thoughts again of my little Parisian café.  But, that’d take from the writing, significantly.  Just thinking.  It’s my day off.  Eng 1A, Faulkner, Poe, and one other.  Reconsidering approaches again…