Oblique Creak

Too much.. My pen’s trends, in bends,
Contradictory ends. Never defend friends b4 Self.. Target all of Santa’s elves for failing in revolt.. Hold colt, in case of a duel, chosen tool.. 2 cruel for any orthodoxy school.. I’m like a
Komodo dragon, toxins imagined.. Dactylic acrylic; time sits, or will it–
Punctuated, done you waited.. Concerts upon blurbs.. Sip Dogfish Head, a don’s list dead– my wand’s wish lead me to hyperbole, my slurs go free– after reviews of new news, my true due in 2 shoes.. Ever-glued,.. Proven to have irregular temperament, my when is bent.. Nonsense in my conscience, applauded upon it– the dawn fit… Erupting volcano, okay no.
My bay strays away slow. Uncomfortable, one runs in wool. Among the fools, that’s me, elapsing in blasphemy.. These devils can’t manage me.. Rats get trapped, then decap’d. My act was re-racked.. Pain in words, 1 of the angry birds. I slang my verbs.