Yes I want to take a break, but what would that do?  Tired

of my words so I find new ones, but distracted by the weather, the thin gray slightly somehow magenta cloud films overhead running away from the sun like they know they’re not supposed to be on stage.  So much love for this morning so far and I type faster, or try, knowing the day willContinue reading “Yes I want to take a break, but what would that do?  Tired”

No Why Of

am i trying to be correct in my planning, my maturity if i even believe in that hard to say but i have to at a certain point, i know not a high or low, just slow, immeasurable pull no team or advisory, on own but cliff looking at tree, that cyprus meant to garnishContinue reading “No Why Of”

excerpt from this morning’s sitting…

I speak, no more shriek need more coffee, quick, my consciousness over tipped, and I slipped on the what should be proper, or responsible, mature– that’s all myth, says this coffee jazzy smoke and bass from corner have me continued in my straying this feels amazing– okay that’s it, no more coffee for me waitContinue reading “excerpt from this morning’s sitting…”

2013 poem — where taketh me?

Lightning, sculpted for my pen speech.  Breaking into mind house.  Charged even before I enter.  Mind patrol.  Away roll. Sail over to numbered sights.  Map lies.  I’ll find it, I’m not worried. itemize  everything  no beat  lost cant sing     no more blogz nothing not paper only what i can touch  4ever see   Continue reading “2013 poem — where taketh me?”


I’ve written those books forbidden.. Devils, sit smitten.. Me, with a gift risen. Situate cannons on rocks or cliffs… When shot, no miss. Dismiss recurring alchemical riffs. Each manuscript, kept in a vault.. Californian, slept on a fault.. Boiling in Life’s malt. What is this category called? Pacing in halls, racing but stalled by myContinue reading “Orders”

Supportive Strike

My pages, disheveled. I’ll let you Organize them. Not my problem, Anymore. This, my fault. I stapled my Self to this story. And now what can I Do, trout pity. But now, clouded. So quiet here. Finally, love. Funny for lost hares. Picking at page pieces, for a Peace streak. More intentioned inhales Make theContinue reading “Supportive Strike”


Never lifelessly stream, water moccasin, Fangs surely inseam.. You’re subsonic, Moronic, language plagued, 2bubonic.. My venom committed, not On-again-off-again. High fructose, I’m too close. These filled scratch sheets trap me.. Introverted track meet. I don’t need Any cloven hoof to hire this diarist. Never asleep.. Too much frenzy.. Electrically Eclectic. I’m forever to Plath, Poe,Continue reading “Copy”