Never lifelessly stream, water moccasin,
Fangs surely inseam.. You’re subsonic,
Moronic, language plagued, 2bubonic.. My venom committed, not
On-again-off-again. High fructose, I’m too close.
These filled scratch sheets trap me..
Introverted track meet. I don’t need
Any cloven hoof to hire this diarist.
Never asleep.. Too much frenzy.. Electrically
Eclectic. I’m forever to Plath, Poe, Pac
Indebted. Finally said it… Autonomy, just on
Top of me. As always, lost at sea. Full deck?
Not even slightly.. Too fiery, feisty– the caffeine
Has the writer slight in stutter, with a stuck
Rudder. More of a loose flight than actual
Hover. What am I in, besides time’s bin? A rhyme
Binge.. Beside tide. Wind …