sketches messes

Self note — day Alice’s water gave… How all the coffee shop characters came to aid, comping our drinks, moving quicker than usual —

One note from mountain’s top– don’t
Want to descend. Want the regularity
2 end..

9-26-12.. Returning to this phone entry, days latter, I’m back in line–
Coffee crutch. Read a quote last night to class, that may serve as long awaited key to novel fruition. Why didn’t THIS WRITER entertain such, at any time, in his past 33 years? Idiot.

Mocha ordered. And, yes, blustery blueberry scone. Convinced Self I deserve. I also deserve a novel. Right?

Now, home. Only for couple minutes. Back to clock. This mocha, the piecing together of book, I’ll be 4ever off.

Counted Self-publishing stash, with Jack staring like the tender notes are meaningful. Want to tell him how destructive they are. But no. I’ll let him enjoy unpolluted perception.

Over $400. All to novel. No camera. How shameful that would be– a writer wasting such tip money aggrandizement on a devilish device. Wouldn’t be able to look this little vocal figure in his commanding blues.

638p. Busy today. Had Saturday’s pace. At home, after 2 post-shift glasses– one Chardonnay, 1 Barbera. In vines’ yard early tomorrow, between 5 & 6a. Not sure I’m ready for that rise so premature. Nonstop, 4 this writer. What I have 2do, for the work.. The material.. The PAGES.

The other day, a club member leaving me a $20 tip, in an envelope on which she wrote: “Thanks for the great tour. Follow your dreams!” Just gave the writer a thought cluster. Tonite, opening a Cab/Syrah blend, for paragraph’s, poems’ sake. Winemaking, not lost on the writing winemaker. In little pages today, scribbled 2 of 3 desired winemaking-anchored notes. Will do remaining research tonight with sipping, reading. New novel formula, still in mind. Need time2think.

Thought. The post-it puzzle approach. Just throw it all 2gether. No time2B delicate. What’s more artistic, whimsical, than that? Okay, to sleep…