day 2, new

another day, quite hot; think i may write not; distractions,

empty interactions; mind mapped in fractions.

attack kerouac book stack; me-the newbie new beat.


Don’t have time to finish the verse, unfortunately.  Leaving in…  12 minutes, but I should depart in 2.  Need to write to start day, always.  Mocha, at right.  And the camera Katie took to France, the same one Dad took on his Europe travels, coming with me to work.  Not sure how I’ll use it today– Wait, I could just snap as many cluster captures as I can.

I’ll finish the verse on lunch, if I can.  What I will do, what I will do.. I know, “Stop, Mike.” Should be smoldering again today.  Yesterday on mountain, pretty certain I’m TR today.  Which is a positive, especially for dialogue, images, all needed for novel effort.  Day 2 today, of my initial vision return.  See how it goes, if I have time to brainstorm at all on the prospectus idea I had hit me yesterday, driving to shift.  My desk, total mess.  But when do I have time to clean it?  Or even mildly organize?  Another writer dilemma…

8:44am.  Okay, now I’m definitely ignoring my responsibility, leaving on time.  Isn’t that what a writer’s supposed to do, forego paid clock time to get in a couple more lines, log a few more thoughts?  Well, that’s how I am.  Clocking out, now, here, to punch in there.  Or should the writer say, swipe finger, like I’m at Area 51.  Either way, I’m just as much a writer on their clock as I here sit within these passing numbers.