2012, My Vintage, refocused into focus

5/11 — Went for photo shoot in Glen Ellen, then backtracked to Kenwood.  Didn’t go this morning, as I’d hoped, when my alarm slithered into my drums at 6:20am.  My alarm did wake me, and I remember thinking, “Okay, I’m awake, I can do this.” But didn’t.  Went back to sleep, and the next I know Alice enters holding Little London.  Haven’t reviewed the photos from today’s drive yet, but will momentarily.  Much coming into focus, with 2012 and these 2 blogs.  1Stop, I’m seeing, will be photography, with minimal copy.  bottledaux, my Literary roots in full unfettered practice.  More photography for tomorrow morning, after I write on 128’s side.  (1:09pm)

Off to visit Grandma.  She very much anticipates Kerouac’s visits.

10:37pm.  Once back, I went for a respectable walk/jog.  Useful thought during my randomly speeded dashes: submit to contests, lit mags, again.  Need to get a new issue of P&W, as I forgot to renew my subscription, and I can’t now since I’m at the end of the checking’s allowance.  On a topic completely separate, I’m furious with those using wine and its world as a light for self.  Some hosting TV shows, or webcasts, podcasts, website-related shows of whatever ridiculously comical shape, for sakes of popularity.  These stench wagons have no clue what wine really entails, and they have not even a microscopic clue as to what wine’s production entails.  They talk about terroir like its fashionable, and use varietals like they collectively constitue a flashily secret tongue.  Pathetic.  Wine deserves more respect.  And, I’ll say again, if you’re such a wine prophet, loving wine so dramatically, know what characteristics, what “nuances” make a master wine, then make your own.  Show us what you have in your trick purse.


11:59pm.  Clocking out.  Will give early rise another try tomorrow.  Pleasant eve, and Peace … Had Chardonnay tonight, by the way.  A 2011, if you can believe.  Nice, surprisingly full body, with no ML, and stainless.  Must be the careful care with which the winemaker cared for his fruit, juice.