PM, SEND [Sans Vin 2]

But there will be wine tomorrow.  Going tasting with the crew from AV Winery.  Collectively, we have our objectives.  But, of course, I’ll have mine, for my work.  For the pages.  Looking for not just characters, but bottled voices.  I want wines to sing new songs to me.  Ones unlike anything I’ve ever drank.  And since lately I’ve been embraced by verse, music, again I look for New in all pieces that’ll flow through my earphones, from glass to palate.  Have you ever listened to something and thought, “This sounds like…”, or “I’ve heard this before…it reminds me of that song by…”.  The same for wines, some.  And, frankly, it’s tiring.  Sometimes I’d go so far as to say disenchanting.  Tomorrow, I hope to be enchanted.  No, I WILL be enchanted.  Positive posture.

Sipping lemon sparkling water, more than ratifying.  Not sure how I’m going to find time to read at any local mic nights.  Have to just find one, go.  Trying to plan it, would just deflate the ambition.  Bringing my camera tomorrow, also.  Not bringing the work bag.  Did today, to my first official day at AVW, but left it in car, as I wanted to have with me lightened person.  That’s Literary.  Was only armed with the little notepad.  Only wrote a couplet the entire day.  Was totally, and willingly, wrapped in my tasks.  Did quite well in sales.  Not surprised.  They make me quite comfortable in their culture, sovereign wine world.  That, and their wines sing songs I’ve never heard.  Their Sauvignon Blanc,  Estate Cabs, and blends, respectively and collectively charm my consciousness, making night or day a dream.  And any meal a fairytale.  But, honestly, I can sip any of their wines singularly.  And many times I want to.  Many times I do.  To enjoy the Art in that bottle.  Speaking of Art, showing pieces, I want to review the footage I shot in Paris.  Haven’t in  a while.  All those shots I took of Van Gogh’s work, the city itself, those sounds.  Having the dream again…  Me, on that balcony, on an overnight, touring for my writing, lecturing.  I sip something I never have, fall in love, looking at a tall chanting belfry.  I sip, scribble, then just stare, get to know my moment, in my city.

2/21/2012, Tuesday