Why Wine?

So, quite frankly, what’s the big deal with wine? Why write about it? Why seek it? And, bluntly, why drink it over something else? What I find, wine is a constantly evolving puzzle and voice. It provokes and challenges us. Sometimes you’ll seek Chardonnay, others Sauvignon Blanc. Sometimes Zinfandel, then Petite Sirah. Cabernet? Merlot? What do you sip most often, and why? And why wine? What does it do you? What does it say to you? What does it make of your occasions? WHY WINE?

Please feel free to share your stories about wine, include your favorite varietals, vintages…


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2 thoughts on “Why Wine?

  1. I have been drinking Barbera d’Alba for a while, and with baseball season coming, I’ll be getting into roses again (not because of baseball specifically, but because that means warm weather and my team has been awful since 1997 so I filled the void). I can’t wait for a glass of Robert Sinskey Vin Gris de Pinot Noir out on the porch.

  2. Hello,

    I’m not a wine expert, but I do enjoy Chardonnay, every so often…It’s relaxing and just nice to sip for awhile…thank you also for your visit and follow and I will do the same…

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