untitled, still sans vin

Head more than clear.  Beginning assignment at AV Winery tomorrow.  Excited.  Got a coffee machine for the castle, so I don’t have to surrender anymore portions of my check to the corporate caffeine cows down the street, and all over the world it seems.  Saving money for the chapbooks, for Mr. Jack’s future…  Speaking of which, concerning Art, only wrote this morning, in my car, before clocking in.  Arrived nearly 20 minutes early, which isn’t common for me.  Wanted to disallow my Self from writing while behind the counter, as I just wanted to live.  And as I’ve expressed before, numerous entries: sometimes the most Literary thing I can do is not write at all, just live, take it in, record later.  Today, all wonderful guests, again.  Find that most of Sonoma County invites, perpetuates that.  Napa, not the same.  I love more wineries than I can here list, on the hill’s other side.  But, there is a different song over there, and at some wineries it’s one I and many other don’t want to hear.

Speaking of music, writing lyrics after this post.  Hoping to have two verses completed before bed, two standalone pieces for eventual stage.  What I’m listening to: some Wine Bar beats I arranged the other week.  Forgot about this playlist.  Need something a little more fiery for spoken word sculpting.

Tasted a little bit today.  Highlights lie in that ’09 Rockpile Blend (Cab, Petite Verdot, Merlot), ’07 Sonoma County Cabernet Franc, ’08 Merlot, and ’09 Viognier.  And the ’08 Syrah, can’t forget…  These wines have persistence in their voices, their collective voice.  They boast precision, grace, Artistry.  Only sipped through them once.  Then, listened to what the guests had to say.  One gentleman, from Michigan, said the Rockpile was like a “sexy tornado in the glass.” Oh, that’s the only phrase I jotted into the notepad I guess…  Then, I wanted to start playing with my wine language.  Wanted to taste through them again, but held Self in boat.  Didn’t write my deranged descriptors down, and I can’t remember them now.  And, honestly, that’s fine.  Those words were only for that moment.  Not for page.  That was, IS, living Literarily, in wine’s ambit.  Just what I plotted.

Looking forward to my homemade coffee tomorrow morning, first day at the new NewWineGig.  No, I’m not cursing it with that name.  This assignment, something different; Something promising, something agreeable, Human, invigorating (much as I hate that word).  Showing up early, as I did today, ready for challenge, furtherance, fruition.  Sip …

2/20/2012, Monday