Busy day and long annoying drive this morning.  Traffic, that’s all.  Seriously, more and more people and how they drive I just don’t get it.

Behind on client notes, feeling a bit overwhelmed but getting through it with a couple openings in the day.  Start with most recent winery and work backwards.  And, it’s only wineries.  No construction or some random multifamily property like that last putrid company.

On my third bottle of water after 6.25 miles, and a pace I did not expect.  Nothing sensational, but noticeably quicker than Monday and Tuesday’s run.  Think I’m going to have Wed be the rest day, then Saturdays with kids I’ll cross-train with weights and those I don’t do for a longer run.

The only way to get back into the 8+ miles at lunch condition.

Miles over moods, I keep chanting to myself.  Get through these notes and projects.  Wake early tomorrow, have coffee.  Speaking of, could use a cup.  Still fasting and it’s starting to hurt.  13:53

Coffee made, and queuing first round of notes.  Not many for this winery, just off the phone with them.  Conversation still in its ring.

Calm, presence, no judgement.