More caught up than I was.  Still grappling with my own character and voices, back and forth tennis and sparring, one sword and another.

Still fasting.  In no way hungry.  Time for another water.

May leave a bit early.  Not many people in the office and I’ll work tonight and early tomorrow morning.  

Get kids early, have to somehow figure out dinner…

Going through … Interesting…. the story changes, in an instant. 

Re-writing… alter the plane, playing field.  But I’m not playing.  Not anymore.

Looking over notes and past posts, pictures… time just does what it does.  Doesn’t complain, doesn’t engage in ping-pong rhetoric.

The quiet, needed.  No because of any one person, but for a writer to gather thought, see what HE can do with one image or sketch, sentence then another.

I’m getting started in and through this new tech story with words.  That simple.  The only way it can be.