08:52.  Finally home and getting to work.  More espresso, fighting the urge to go to Peet’s and get a latte which now is starting to bug me seeing how much I spend there or Starbucks, or the occasional Café Noto down the block.

Something on my mind but can’t say what.  Or, I don’t want to.  Rest of day… run, get kids, that’s about it.  Tomorrow, Jack’s baseball game, then Emma’s soccer game later in the day.

Got the idea again yesterday of being paperless.  But still, I find use in actual paper.  I know a boring topic, but… the simplicity, the freedom in no clutter.  My desk now, clear.  Even the espresso and my phone are behind me.  Well, that’s not totally true.  The espresso is left of the keys and the phone I just put behind me. So free.. no clutter around me.  The visual is its own profession of poetry.

09:10 = Nurse messages me, she’s at work.  Yesterday working a 15.5-hour day.  In absolute awe of that girl.  This is not exaggeration… she is amazing, something I want to write about, a character and story and thinking I have to study, know, mimic.